About the Artist

Adriana Dorta, born in Caracas, Venezuela, graduated in Business, studied Visual Arts in the American Art Institute of Miami, and lives in Key Biscayne, Florida. From early age, she developed an inclination towards the arts inspired by effects of light through shades and color in the stained glass of France’s old cathedrals, like Chartres and Notre-Dame-en-Vaux.

As an adult, I now perceive my paintings as a form of multicolor light through precise lines that express my passion for stained glass and how it refracts the sunlight as it moves throughout the day. That’s how I try to transmit the magic that can only live in those sacred windows.

Adriana Dorta also has a great passion for Geometric Abstract Art. This artistic language inspired great international masters of kinetic, optical and geometric abstraction from whom Dorta takes great motivation, such as Yaacov Agam (1928 -), Josef Albers (1888 – 1976), Kenneth Noland (1924 – 2010), and Frank Stella (1936 -). Adriana Dorta cleverly studied and reinterpreted them, reaching her own dimensions and unique creative conceptions through her exquisitely innovative artworks.

Since 2015, Dorta has very successfully exhibited in several important art shows throughout the country.

Adriana is part of an up and coming group show named “Five in Motion” that Art Nouveau Gallery will be exhibiting worldwide.

Her versatility in recreating geometric shapes, lines, and perspectives is remarkable, and she shows in her work that the visual effect of movement generated by intricate lines can also be achieved with separated panels. Adriana’s work has evolved into a more multi-disciplinary approach in relation to the spectator, achieving an interactive, vivid, almost mechanical visual effect that leaves the spectator with a 3D visual illusion attained without the use of any electrical or mechanical components.

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